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A Poem: Earth's Energy

Vibrations are ever present, the Earth always moving.

Our feet on the ground, our body against it.


The vibrations enter into our space.

Shifting us in ways we could never imagine.

Connect with Earth’s energy it is dynamic.

Use it to fuel or inspire.

Creativity lays beneath waters - appear reflections.

Space between we can’t imagine.

Filled with energy.

Rely on the source.

Where is the passion?

It exists in between.

It is there to take, reach out and grab it.

Energy so useful it fuels our desires.

Step into the space, it awaits to take and use as one can imagine.

Earth, its energy is endless, bound by no other.

Connect to it, step, stand, lay, in, on, top you can feel.

The Earth is moving, and it can move us.







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