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Penny B. Rye Brook, NY

Thanks so much for last night's sound healing. I woke up feeling much more relaxed than usual. The soothing, yet energizing sounds of the bowls always soften the sharp edges of life's challenges, and the words you share give me something positive to think about and an invitation to change and grow.  Always a meaningful experience


Jenny L. New York, NY

I love the way the sounds wash over me.  I could feel the vibrations in the floor below me, in my hands and feet and in my heart.  I felt completely energized in a new way when it was over. 


Dana P. New York, NY

Participating in the live sound healing sessions has helped me to relax and let go from the daily stresses of life.  Each time is a unique experience, this week the sounds landed right at the base of my skull and top of my spine; which helped to release tension there.  I have listened to some recorded Tibetan Bowls and while it is very pleasant and relaxing, it is a less visceral response. 

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