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A Poem: Change

Change brings dis-ease, confrontation, fears arise.

Confronted head on, no choice, can’t move, stuck.

Working toward action. 

Expressing your heart. 

Feelings exchanged, seeking the change.

Truths lay beneath, the Earth they run deep.

Found, confounded. 

People express.



Time to move on.

Flexible, honesty, we are all these things. 

Together there is action, it sparks energy.

We re-align, together there is passion.

Change, it is happening.

Deep in our hearts we know our truth.

Our goals always focused on the same creed.

Adjusting, defining, re-defining to the current times.

Change comes with action.

Through rough waters and winds, we find the ground.  

Beneath our feet, supporting us, strong.  

We made it through, it all seems clearer.

Rough waters, hard times always ahead.

Together we unite to get ahead.

Reflect, look behind, it taught us so much.

Move forward step-by-step together.

We will accomplish so much.

Stronger, wiser, lessons learned.

Lessons now taught.

Hearts so full of our true desires.  

Hearts so smart when we trust in their beats.

Trust yours, it beats loudly.

Grateful for today’s opportunity for growth.

Grateful for Change.

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